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Backyard Citronella Torch Holder for Entertaining

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Citronella Torch Holder for entertaining

Backyard Citronella Torch Holder for Entertaining

Citronella Torch Holder for entertainingAdding new decor to your backyard for entertaining is fun and exciting.  Finding the right outdoor products to help decorate your backyard, porch, lawn, or garden is another story.

Stop buying the cheap backyard decor that breaks after using it once.

J&J Wire designed an outdoor citronella torch holder that is weather resistant.  Whether you’re camping, entertaining, or trying to get rid of bugs, put your preferred brand of citronella into the torch holder.

Stop using the “wooden” torches that you have to replace every spring, summer, and fall.  J& J Wire’s black metal torch holder not only makes your backyard look better, but saves you money.
Get 3 Torch Holders for $54

Entertaining and Party Decor

If you are entertaining family for the 4th of July, graduations, or family reunions, continue your party without the bugs using multiple citronella torch holders.  For only $54.00, you can get three citronella torch holders to help entertain any type of party you throw.  Your guests will compliment your decorations and ask where you got these.

Torch Holder around Fire Pit

People shopping for awesome backyard decor to put around your fire pit…you’ve found the best product.  Compliment your fire pit with 3 torch holders that are only $54.00, which includes free shipping.

Camping Citronella Torch Holder

Camping is fun, but the bugs aren’t.  With a set of three citronella torch holders from J&J Wire, you won’t have to worry about bugs bothering you while you camp.  If the weather takes a turn while camping, you won’t have to replace the holders because the wind was blowing too hard or because it rained.  Unlike the usual citronella torches, our torch holders are made of wrought iron and powder coated.

  • No rust
  • No breaking in half

Easily store the citronella holders without wasting space.

Newly designed product that’s made in America.

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