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J&J Wire offers Custom Services

Design to Final Assembly
At J&J Wire, Inc., you will find skilled and proficient staff that are committed to providing you with the finest possible product on time, at prices that reflect an excellent work ethic and 25 years experience in manufacturing.

Our Products
Unyielding attention is given to all phases of the manufacturing process. From research and design to the structural and cosmetic integrity of the final assembly.

On-Time Delivery
At our facility all phases of manufacturing are monitored to insure the job will be delivered on time and in spec. A job well done must include on-time delivery.

Whether a matter of outsourcing from our friends in the industry, purchasing raw materials or plant efficiency, the past 25 years of manufacturing and an uncompromising work ethic has taught us proficiency at reducing the cost of production. It is our objective to purify all phases of the manufacturing process for the reduction of cost and producing a higher quality product. Passing these advantages along has allowed us many long-term partnerships.

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