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Made in America Products Help Retailers Compete

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Made in America Products Help Retailers Compete

Owning a retail brick and mortar and/or online retail store requires products that have good profit margins that sell quickly.  Finding those products is another story.  It’s overwhelming and can be frustrating finding wholesale products to place on your shelves.  Retailers competing with big box chains have closed a lot of “mom and pop” stores around the country.  Can made in America products help retailers compete?

Retail ideas to separate your retail store from the big box chains:wholesale products made in America

  1. Find and purchase high quality wholesale products that are made in America.  Most products that the big box stores have in common is they import products from other countries.  They purchase products at a very low wholesale price and squeeze manufacturers down to penny’s on the dollar.  Therefore, products that are purchased wholesale from oversees don’t have the same quality that American manufactured products have.  Purchasing products from manufacturers in America have better quality and are usually more rare and sold to different markets.
  2. Buy unique and cool products.  Getting more shoppers to your store is easier said than done.  You need to create buzz around wholesale products you purchased at market or online.  Purchasing wholesale products from manufacturers in America is key.  Consumers want something different which they can “show off” to their friends and family.  Having a rare, high quality, unique product will help create buzz.  If a product is “cool” then people will share that with their friends and where they purchased the product.  Price generally doesn’t matter if everybody’s doing it, they just want to “keep up with the Jones’s.”
  3. Create a theme for your retail store.  J&J Wire is in the process of creating a Caribbean theme to showcase their wholesale made in America products.  Everybody loves the Caribbean and outdoors.  Recently they just launched a torch product to go around a deck, swimming pool, fire pit, or to take camping.  They saw a need for a wholesale item retailers could offer to help satisfy a need for the consumers.  Of course, J&J Wire products are made in America.

Shop wholesale made in America products online and start competing.

Share your thoughts on products that are made in America and different marketing tactics you’ve used in your retail store.




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