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New Products Available June 2017

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New Products Available June 2017

Hi everyone!  I hope that you are gearing up for a wonderful summer.  I sure am.  As soon as the garden centers started putting out their colorful baskets, I was waiting at their door.  I am especially excited this year because we have some awesome products that will be available to you June 2017.  We hope that you will be as excited as we are!  I love to garden, but sometimes dislike the process of getting out the spade, the scissors, pushing the rock back, digging the hole and finally popping the plant in the ground, only to cover it back up, put the rock back and wonder how it is going to look.  Did you ever notice that the plant seemed so much larger in the pot?  Well, do we ever have an easy solution to instant color in the garden, our newest product, that will fit perfectly a purchased hanging flower basket.  Simple assembly, (video coming soon).  Pick a bare spot, push the basket into the ground and just like magic you have created a beautiful area in a matter of minutes.  I love, love love this product!  Cannot wait until you have the opportunity to buy in June!  

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